Ask.FM Anonymous Finder – Why Use it?

So, the Ask.FM Anonymous Finder, why would you even want to use a tool a like that right?

Well, if you’re asking that question you probably have never got a ridiculous amount of spam, from seemingly the same person asking stupid questions like “What’s your bra size” or “Send nudes to this address:” it’s legitimately patience-testing.

So yeah, imagine you get a boat load of questions like that, all day, every day, it’s bound to make any sane person lose at least a little bit of their marbles. The sanest people would decide to look for an Ask.FM Tracker, like the one we talked about in an earlier post this week and they would get to the shitstorm that is this:

So alot of bs on the first page, all of these sites just redirect to some, oh, sorry, we couldn’t do it, suck on it.

Well, we got tired of sucking on it and decided to find someone to make an Ask.FM tracker that would work decently for us and we found it, check out our post from here, earlier in the week so you can see what we’re talking about, so you don’t have to go through this:


Ask FM Anonymous Finder – Is there such a thing?

First, let’s take a look at the answer from the people over at themselves:

They really do have a point, searching ‘ask fm anonymous finder’ on youtube brings up some really horrendous results:

You can already feel the malware ruining your system…

Then there’s this one too:

Sweet baby jesus the horrors…

So they really are right in part, but, and this is a huge but, they let us in on a little secret. It’s possible for them to retreive that information in case of Legal Inquiry. This means that the information is actually stored on their servers, unlike snapchat, who only store information on your phone.

This means that if a person was so…creatively inclined, they could retreive that information for themselves. This is where the legitimate Ask FM Trackers are born, they really should be sold, because of how useful they can be,

So, Ask.FM Anonymous Finders, is there such a thing? The answer is yes, you just gotta search for it and be smart

Ask FM Hack Tracker – New and Improved

So guys, I know you’ve heard about the Ask FM tracker, the tool that helps you find out who’s been asking them nasty questions, well boy do I have good news for you. The people over at came back with the old design but new code and managed to make it have way more success rate than it used to.

This is what it looks like:

There’s a video of wonderboy showing you the tool actually works, he has yet to post the proof of receiving the url of the person who asked the question, i’ve contacted him and he said he would, in any case this is him showcasing the tool:

So yeah, Ask FM Tracker ladies and gentlemen, if you have any problems with the tool make sure to contact me or imwonderboy at and i’m sure he’ll be able to help you out 😉